Civil rights groups file lawsuit over Florida’s new congressional map

Daily news

A coalition of civil rights groups has filed the first lawsuit in Florida against the recently passed congressional map put forward by GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis that eliminates two districts represented by Black Democrats while giving Republicans the advantage in as many as 20 of 28 seats.

The suit, filed in state court in Leon County, claims the map is a Republican gerrymander and violates the Fair Districts amendment of the Florida Constitution by diminishing the power of Black voters. The suit is asking the court to rule that the map or individual districts violate the Fair Districts amendment and order the adoption of a new congressional map.

The challenge was filed by several Florida voters, as well as the League of Women Voters Florida, Black Voters Matter, Florida Rising and Equal Ground Florida. The legal action comes roughly 24 hours after state Republicans voted in a special session to adopt the new boundaries, which — in an unprecedented move — were submitted by DeSantis’ office last week after he vetoed previous maps approved by the GOP-controlled legislature. The approved map could help Florida Republicans gain up to four seats in the US House of Representatives this November.